I have a belt I wear that I do not know whether it is real leather or not. I live in and it was bought in the UK (I have heard that may affect the ruling, as it’s a non-Muslim market). Do I treat it as Najis, e.g. with regards to wet contact, or not performing Salah in it? Another question about leather: I have leather sofas in my living room and in the summer I may get sticky contact with the sofas. I was wondering if that counted as wet contact with Najis leather and thus if I need to wash that part of my body?

Is it true that if I go to a majority-Muslim country, all food can be considered Halal, and I need not ask whether the food actually is? E.g. Morocco, Palestine, Malaysia, etc.

If it is pure leather then do not wear at the time of prayer and do not touch with wet hand because it was purchased in UK and you are not sure that either it is halal or not. If from Muslim country then there is no issue in it.

Now issue of food in Muslim country from Muslim Resturant you don’t need to ask.