I have a big lack of confidence and very negative. I think its because of the fact that I don’t love myself. I dont find any qualities , any talent in me.
Moreover, I have one big problem, When I pray, I always doubt if I passed gas or no. Sometimes its doubts and sometimes its true. So, everyday for each namaz, I repeat lt about 5-10 times. And I am always thinking that it is the fact that Allah(swt) don’t Want to Hear my voice, because I have many gunnah?

This problem affect me seriously , I feel more and more depressed.
I still making duas everyday, I seek help from the Ahlul Bayt (as), I do isteghfar.
But I dont know what happen to me.

I do so many duas like yastashir, zyarat e ashura, duas e makaremlul aklaqh, to change my self and to become a pious person with a pure heart.

But I am just thinking that, How I can be religious if I can’t pray salat properly? Because, after my prayers , I am never satisfied. So can you imagine how I feel everyday? I Just leave my mussalo with a heart broken.
And its not normal, because namaz is here to relax us, and for me when I am in my mussalo I just start to stress.
I already did a treatment but still the same.

Do you have something that can help me?

Allah is Great and you will be fine.

My advise is as follows:
1. Kindly consult your GP for professional and medical advise on this. It’s very important you do this as soon as possible. Allah has blessed the professionals with wisdom for them to be able to reach out to those in need.

2. Try as much as you to ignore the doubts either after wudhu or salat. One wudhu or salat is enough in this regard

3. Try as much as you can not to miss reading and reflecting on verses of the Quran daily

4. Don’t forget Sadaqa to those indeed from time to Time

Allah will make it easy for you