I have a complicated question regarding khums. I finally graduated Pharmacy last year and began working in October of 2020. However, I have 3 different jobs and my hours vary INCREDIBLY from week to week. One week I might literally only work 7 hours while another week I’ll work 30 hours. Some weeks even 0 hours. I also have 200K loans I have to pay.

I took out my loans to finish pharmacy school. I plan to settle it by refinancing this month. That way I’ll make monthly payments with lower interest rates.

I have no idea how to do the math for khums and how much is expected of me.

Can you please assist me in this? I understand Khums is paid once a year and I don’t know how I would substract that from my yearly income given that it fluctuates from month to month.

You can fix a date for your khoms calculation. It could be the date you started your first job.
Let us assume it is 15.10.2020. During the fiscal year (15.10.2020 to 14.10.2021) you earned and spent money.
On 15.10.2021, just check what you have in hand and in account, and pay 20% of it.

The installments paid to settle the loan are exempted from khoms