, I have a couple questions about being a woman and reading quran

1. Is it permissible to recite, read in your head, or read in english a online quran during menses?

2. Is it permissible to touch a english version of the Quran, or read it out-loud or quietly?

3. If so, what must she do if she comes across a ayah that requires a sajdah what should she do? Is she required to make up the sajdah after hayd or because she didn’t read it in arabic she doesnt need to?

4. Is a woman required to wear a hijab during the sajdah of a ayah?

5. Can a woman read islamic books to seek knowledge during her menses?

1- Yes it’s permissible. The only exception is reciting the verses of mandatory sujud, which are Sajdah 15, Fussilat 37, Najm 62 and Alaq 19.

2- Permissible

3- If she comes across a verse that contains a wajeb sajdah, and she is reading in Arabic, she must skip reading it. The sajdah does not require purity, so she can perform it right away.
If she did not, then yes now she makes it up. This is assuming she read it in Arabic. If she didn’t read it in Arabic then she doesn’t have to make the sajdah.

4- No she is not

5- Yes she can