I have a dilemma. I was visiting some family members who are not Muslim. I was given a drink that I thought was not alcoholic and after consuming about half of the container I discovered it was in fact alcohol, but I realised this whilst I still had some in my mouth and I swallowed. I don’t know why, perhaps just out of feeling awkward I didn’t want to spit it out in front of everyone. I regretted this immediately afterwards. I did not consume any more but now I’m feeling very annoyed at myself for not spitting it out when I realised. Can you tell me if my prayers will be accepted whether on time or if prayed as qaza, and what I should do now?

If you have sincerely repented and and feel regretful then yes your prayers are accepted. You don’t have to do qadha of the prayers in any case. Acceptance here means being rewarded for them. One who drinks alcohol, his prayers later are valid but he may not get any reward for them (unless he repents of course).

Also, you should politely rebuke them. Tell them you know I don’t drink alcohol so what gave you the right to give me such a drink. Let them know that what they did is serious and unacceptable.