I have a few doubts and concerns about mutah which I can't seem to swallow and accept although I accept the practice completely as a Shia.

1- If a married man secretly does mutah without his muslim wife knowing with another muslim woman then isn't that injustice to the wife who has no idea about her husband sleeping with other women?

2- If a man does mutah with several muslim women while his wife knows and he does this continuously throughout their marriage not because he is traveling anywhere but purely for sexual pleasure then wouldn't that destroy his family life? How would his wife and family members accept him continuously sleeping with other women for no valid reason besides pleasure? I have heard of stories that marriages ended because of this. They used the religion of Islam as justification.

These are my only doubts, otherwise I understand the practice.

1- It’s injustice to her if she stipulated in the marriage contract that her husband cannot marry another woman without her permission. But if she did not stipulate such a condition, and he never agreed to such a condition, then technically it’s not injustice if he has a valid reason for it. Society might consider it unjust, but in God’s law it is not.

2- A man must be responsible, protect his family and avoid anything that would end a marriage. If a man pursues such marriage just for pleasure, knowing that this could destroy his family life, he must be responsible and must avoid that. If he causes harm to his family, his marriage ends, and the children suffer, Allah will hold him accountable for that.