I have a few questions about the subject mentioned:

1. I have heard that one can’t pray nafil namaz (like praying 2 or 4 rakaats of prayers which are not obligatory) unless all obligatory prayers have been met by a person (i.e. no obligatory prayer has been missed). Is this true?

2. If the above is true, how can I pray the salat Al layl? Since it’s not obligatory.

3. I have also been told that if you want to pray a nafil namaz, you can make a niyat of a Qadha namaz and it will be considered as both the obligatory prayer and the nafil prayer that you want to pray. Is this correct?

4. Since what age should I calculate my Qadha prayers, so I can keep track of how many I’ve made up?

5. Is the Prayer of signs an obligatory prayer? How do I calculate how many of those have I missed?

6. Are there any other obligatory prayers apart from the 5 daily prayers?

7. When travelling, where kasr prayers apply, do I make up the Qadha prayers properly or do I pray them as kasr?

8. I’ve missed a lot of fasts in my youth. From what age should I calculate the missed fasts?

9. How many fasts should I make up? Since I missed them not due to illness but just wilful ignorance on my part (I was not conscious of my religious obligations – I just ignored them altogether). Do I make up one fast for one missed? Or is it multiple fasts? Or any other way to make up for them?

10. When traveling, where kasr prayers apply and fasting is excused: is it a command that fasts one HAS to pray kasr and not fast? Or an option? I mean, can one pray complete prayers and keep fasts?

11. In travelling, when fasting is excused, can one make up for Qadha fasts?

12. I travel fairly often for work. Sometimes a week every two months. It is not at regular intervals. Sometimes more and sometimes less. But since it is part of my employment, does praying kasr apply to me? Or should I pray regular salat and keep fasts?

1- No that is not true. You can pray Nafilah even it you have Qadha on youZ

2- You can pray Salat al Layl even if you have Qadha prayers.

3- You cannot combine between a Wajeb Qadha and Nafilah prayer. Yes you can pray the Qadha prayer and then ask Allah to grant you the reward of a Nafilah prayer as well.

4- Since the age you are certain you became Balegh. Let’s see you are not sure whether you became Balegh at 12 or 13, you can start from 13.

5- Yes it is obligatory. Estimate on average how many eclipses/earthquakes have happened in your area in the last few decades.

6- No just the daily prayers and the Ayaat prayer.

7- You make them up as Qasr.

8- Same as prayer. From the time you are certain you became balegh.

9- You make up one day for each missed day. So that’s 30 days for each year. Now if you knew fasting was wajeb and you just ignored it, you also have to pay a Kaffara of feeding 60 poor people (the equivalent of 750 grams of wheat) per each day missed.

10- It is not an option. If you are traveling and not staying in a place for more than ten days, you must pray Qasr and you must break your fast.

11- No when traveling you cannot make up Qadha fasts.

12- You would pray full and fast if you travel at least 10 or more days each month.