I have a few questions

1) If I did Wudhoo Jabira would it stay if I don’t break it till next namaaz even if the blood stopped and the bandage can be removed ?

2) If I have a bleeding wound on the finger do I have to do Wudhoo jabira or tayamum or both

3) If I was doing Wudhoo and I have doubt that before or during wiping I touched a wet area what should I do

4) When should I do sajdah sahv, what if I mistake in sura or dhihr do I need to do? If I cough sneeze burp etc…

5) If when doing Wudhoo spit or extra water falls during washing or wiping does it break the Wudhoo ?

1- Yes. It stays.
2- You should either wait till bleeding stops, or غou can wash your hand under the tap from the elbow to the fingers, and this is enough, because there will be a momentary break in the blood when washing, then you can put a plaster on the wound, and complete the ablution.
3- Do not bother about the doubt.
4- No, for all the given examples .
5- No