I have a figure like image in my mind for Allah and I’m not able to remove it from my mind and because of that my imaan is not so strong. Also I am not able to believe on the real God through his creation. All I have in my mind is just that image and not able to believe on the real one.

I hope you’re well. Sometimes this feeling of distance or lack of connection with Allah is because we do not understand our own self. We are weak and constantly in need, and our very existence is out of our control. Thus, there must be an all-powerful being who provides. This is Allah. And we must “see” Him with the eyes of our hearts. To do this, you must turn off your mind and senses to everything else. Try disconnecting and worshipping quietly in the darkness. Focus on His oneness and allow His love to enter your heart. This will get better with reading and understanding the Quran and prayer.