I have a hard time to draw a line between being nice to people and being too nice to a point where people think they can allow step on me. This happened many years now. But I feel bad when I get angry at people. Where is the limit, how to show people limit? I make fun and laugh with colleagues and some of them think they can talk down on me. When I get serious they either make me feel stupid emotionalyl or argue with me. I considered even not smile or be nice to anybody anymore but that is against what I have learned and my nature. I like helping people, being honest and be social person.

Remember when you help others and be kind your reward is with Allah (swt). However you need to be kind but firm. Please read self help books and maybe some TEd talks on this as there is nothing wrong on enhancing our communication skills in this way. You need to ensure you draw boundaries and ppl know that. The issue is sometimes we’re afraid of what ppl think of us and hence we don’t stand up for what is right. That can be done in a nice way but communicated

Once imam Sadiq (a) went to his house with someone but didn’t offer for him to come inside. When asked why he said I’m not ready for the person to come inside, but he said it kindly and gently