I have a hindu friend who contacted me to help her guide about a situation that her muslim shia friend is going through (as she is unaware of what our faith’s position is on the matter).
This is what she has told me:
“He is a 24 years old pakistani male and is not in a good space of mind. This is due to him feeling attracted to same gender which is a taboo topic and as a result, facing family and societal problems and he does not know what to do with his feelings. He’s trying to work on himself but is mentally drained.
He’s living by himself but is still in contact with his family. His family is very concerned and is conservative/orthodox as they have been trying to go to spiritual leaders back in pakistan because they think someone has done black magic on their son.”

I am in desperate need of guidance of what I can suggest to my hindu friend to pass on the message to our fellow believer that would actually help him and keep him steadfast on our deen and its ehkaams.

I recommend the following for her to share with him:

1- The presence of such desires is not sinful. It’s acting on these desires that makes it sinful.

2- This is his trial in life. Let him accept this trial and do his best to cope with it. Aren’t there people born with disabilities and suffer an entire life? This is their trial and Allah will compensate them. This person’s trial is to avoid homosexual acts in this life. It is not easy, but it is possible.