I have a medical condition where if I exert force in passing stool, then semen comes out. I'm certain it's semen, but how do I figure out if it's not?
Secondly, is wudhu needed when Mazi is emitted? And how is Wadi recognised?
Thirdly, if one is wearing socks, do they have to be washed or changed in case of a wet dream? What about the T shirt, does that have to be changed too?
Lastly, if one wears new clothes after having a wet dream in his old clothes, do the new clothes become impure?

1- The signs of semen are three:
1. Comes out with a stream.
2. With desire.
3. Followed by the chill of the body.
If these three signs occur, the outside fluid is semen.
If one of the three signs is missing, it is not semen. It is clean water, either Mazi or wadi.
2- No. Wudhu is not required neither for Mazi nor for Wadi.
3- Wadi is thick fluid that comes out after urine.
4- No need to change or clean any of what you mentioned.