I have a problem and I try everything but I cant seem to get rid of. There's this girl who I'm friends with and have been for over a year and I felt it got to a point where it wasn't halal anymore. So I ended our friendship because I saw it heading in the wrong direction but now shes back in my life and I tried everything. I pray all my 5 namaz plus nawafil, I read Qur'an I do ziyaraah. In every other aspect I feel connected to Allah (swt) except here. I already pushed her away and I want to do the same thing but it didnt work last time why would it work now? I dont know what to do. I want to be on Sirat al Mustaqeem but its not easy. Can you give me any advice how to deal with this?

You should explain that you dont feel comfortable being in this close relationship with a non mahram. Perhaps if she wants to be with you in that way you could do a temporary marriage which will make her mahram and then possibly explore being permanently married with each other.