I have a question about a experience I have . It's about a girl of (removed) that is born is in the (removed) (western life).
She is known as a silent person who is smart and who is being known as a person with a good Akhlak (good intentions)and sensitive heart. She is a real walking example for everyonewho sees her culture, religion and everything. Altough she is from inside not that happy at all. She has really abusive parents who are hitting her mentally and physically and are always telling her that she is doing nothing right and telling her that she is a satan and her dad is also calling her by animal names like donkey.
Her parents both have negative opinions towards her. Like they are not satisfied with her and really unthankful with everything what she choses. They think everything she does is haram and is against the shariah law.
The girl is a really inteligent person who is a great inspiration that cannot be denied by everyone and I think its disrespectful and a shame that those parents are acting like that to her. While no one can deny she is also a inspiration towards their own parents and family.
I understand that parents want to protect her from everything but what her parents are doing is really disrespectfull! And can be done on a different way!

The girl herself has stood up for her rights multiple times but nothing happend and it made it only worse like her parents got more abusive and are hitting/beating her and closing her up like an animal.

My question is what are the right of daughter especially an adult woman . And do you have any tips to that young lady the most broken part of all is that she is from the outside always really happy while in reality she is dripping blood from inside. One of her muslim teachers recomended her to go to a psychologist but her mom told her not to do that (afraid for a real shame towards her and a husband) and told her that Allah is her psychologist and to always ask him!
And is it allowed for parents to deside when to let their daughter wear a hijab. Cause she started wearing it from a young age (also in an abusive way like her mom screamed to do that). The girl herself did not have any problems to start wearing a hijab but my opinion its disrespectfull to force that way!
Her parents are only decdiding everything for her while she may not decide anything at all other wise they say everything is haram what she decides.

Well this issue is due to the environment they are living in where parents have fear.
Definitely they love her but they way they are behaving is not good.
I think parents need to be told that if she uses her rights in westren society then they can't do anything. It's better treat her with love and respect. On the other hand that girl has to understand the meaning of life. It's her test while being good human because Allah subhantala tests good people. So she needs to pass through this test as well.
Better find good person for marriage and live the way she wants within the limitations given by Isla,