I have a question about free will. I understand it’s not God’s fault for simply for knowing one’s fate as you said in one of your speeches it’s like a teacher knowing a student will fail because of his one negligence and unwillingness to learn and the teacher knowing he will fail is not at fault for him failing but why did God create this person in the first place if he knew from the very beginning he would fail and pay the price that’s like a teacher inviting a student to a very difficult university knowing he’s incapable and bound to fail in such scenario can’t some blame be put upon the teacher?

God created us because of love He has for us. He wants us to represent His beautiful names and attributes. He provided us all that it takes for us to achieve that. His knowledge about our failure doesn’t mean he causes it.

A good teacher will always give his students what he knows the student is capable of doing. Unless if the student fails to prepare or the teacher doesn’t know what he is doing.

God will never put burden on us. He loves us and He only wants to see us succeed. Remember there is a difference between knowledge and cause