I have a question about lash extensions (the semi-permanent ones). As I’ve heard the lash extensions makes your wudhu invalid but I’ve looked more into it and personally have asked a lash stylist how she puts on the lashes on her clients. She said that she doesn’t put the lashes all the way into the root but instead leaves kind of like a space between the eyelid/root of the lash and the extended lash. I also looked into what sayed khamenei says about this and he says lash extensions, permanent or temporary, prevents the water from reaching the eyelid and therefore is not permitted. However in this type of lash extensions they do not put the fake lash all the way into the root. Does this then mean that the wudhu is still valid as long as water reaches the eyelids?

The problem is not with the eyelid. It’s with the eyelash. Water must reach the eyelashes, so if there is an extension and this prevents water from reaching the eyelashes (at the point where the extensions are tied) then the wudhu would be invalid. But if water reaches the eyelashes it would be ok