I have a question about Parent’s and Child’s rights and responsibilities:
1. Is it the elder son’s responsibility to take care of the elderly parents, and only his job?
2. Is it the responsibility of all children, male or female, to take care of the parents and to what degree?
3. What if somebody doesn’t have a son, does that responsibility fall on the eldest daughter?
4. What can we do if an elderly parent is struggling to get along with with the rest of the family to the point where it has had a clear adverse effect on the family’s mental and emotional well-being? (E.g.: constantly starting fights, constantly embarrassing and insulting children/husband/grandchildren in front of others in public/community, constantly talking bad about their family to others, etc.)

1. Although the eldest son bears some special responsibility, especially with respect to the father, all the children should take care of the parents
2. They should agree among themselves to care for the parents, there is no set formula
3. The daughters should certainly do so
4. This requires patience and interaction to address why it is happening. Sometimes a family conversation will help, or consulting with a scholar or professional to discuss the issues