I have a question about the permissibility of my job. I work in local government primarily carrying out routine scientific testing on food and drink for both public and private clients. (e.g. supermarkets, small businesses, environmental health, trading standards). Occasionally I test things like cosmetics too.

However, I do not know the ruling on whether it is okay for me to test non-halal food and drink. e.g. pork meat, alcohol.

I should clarify, I do not pass or fail any food as to whether it is okay or not to sell. I just put routine results for tests like fat or protein into the system.

Please advise on the permissibility of my job. I have bought a home with this money, after paying obligatory khums and I am currently paying a mortgage. What are my next steps? If part of the income is halal and part isn’t, how do I quantify? What do I do with any income that isn’t?

I am looking for another job but until then, I need to pay my bills. Until find new employment, is it okay to continue to use this money for bills?And am I allowed to be picky while job hunting, i.e. choosing based on my career and qualifications and not wanting to take a large salary cut.

Are you certifying the haram meat? If you are saying that this is ok to eat, then that is technically certifying.

With the meat, it is problematic if your are certifying it for consumption. But with the alcoholic beverages it’s a completely forbidden.

You need to seek another job, unless there is nothing available except this job, if that is the case then you need to try and avoid it as best you can. If you can’t avoid the haram things then you need to find a new job as best you can as this is problematic. As for the money previously made you can accept as a procurement from a non believer.

You should endeavour to find another job, certifying alcoholic beverages is very problematic and can be considered forbidden if it is approving its consumption. The income received is only permissible in the case where the jurist considers it mixed income in which he allows you to keep it if your situation is dire and there is no other form of employment.