I have a question about traveling. I study at another city but this city is close enough to commute to. However it is still considered traveling. My dad told me that my prayers in the beginning will be prayed qasr but after a while it will be considered as a lot of traveling so the salah should be prayed whole. But my question is how long do I wait until I pray them complete? Is it after a month or a few weeks? And another thing I’ve been thinking about is the month of Ramadan. Can I fast the whole month normally without having to break the fast? Or do I break the fast in the beginning and after a while starting to fast it complete? Or is it that serious that I have to break my fast every day?

If you are frequent traveler, you pray full and you fast. Scholars have different understandings of what constitutes frequent traveling. For example, some have said that if the duration between two trips is less than 10 days, and you plan to continue like this for a while (at least two months), then starting from the the third trip you pray full and fast.