I have a question about vows of yameen, if I did a yameen to not do something, and I put a condition that *i’m not allowed to feed 10 people but only to pay 50 million* to motivate myself but now I regret, can I just settle to the kafarah of feeding 10 people?

Ruling 2687. If a person takes an oath to do something or to refrain from doing something – for example, he takes an oath to keep a fast or to stop smoking – then in the event that he intentionally (ʿamdan) does not fulfil his oath, he will have committed a sin and he must give recompense (kaffārah). That is, he must either free a slave, or feed ten poor people (fuqarāʾ), or clothe them. And if he cannot do any of these, he must fast for three consecutive days.