I have a question. How powerful are the Jinn and if they are as powerful as everyone describes, then why do humans dominate the earth? Why don't they take it over or something and I also heard that there are a lot more jinn than there are humans then why don't we encounter them more often? Why don't they try expanding and if they're are good jinn then why don't they fighting against the evil that is going on around the world? If we are so insignificant to them then why don't they take advantage of us

1- There are good jinn and bad jinn. Yes, the deviant jinn might be more, just like deviant humans are more. Most people historically have followed the wrong path.

2- Jinns are not more powerful than humans. In fact, humans have a higher capacity for intellect and spirituality.

3- Before Islam, Jinns had more influence on humans. They would interfere more. After the revelation of Qur’an, Allah limited their interaction with humans.

4- Jinns can sometimes harm humans, but they cannot possess them such that humans lose their free will. We have Du’as and A’mal to protect us from evil Jinn.