I have a question in regards to the birth of Bibi Fatima. Narrated by al-Mufaddal Ibn Amr on the authority of Imam Sadiq (as) in vol.1 of Al-Bihar by Al-Majlisi. It stated that 4 noble women helped with the birth of Bibi Fatima. These 4 being Mother Eve, Asiya Bint Muzahim, Kulthum, Musa’s sister and Maryam Bint Imran.

My question is following; is this narration authentic and is the book authentic? And secondly, how is it possible that the dead came back in living human forms to help with the birth?

Each narration is studied by its merit and chain of narrations.

It is possible for those who have died to come back according to some ulema, as we believe in Rajah (the return), and the Quran affirms that ppl who died did come back, such as Prophet Uzair, or those with Musa (a), or the animals slaughtered by Ibrahim (a).