I have a question please. There are certain amaals which we perform for 40 days i.e :
1) Some only ayaats , tasbeeh or duas but no salaat required
2) Some amaal whereby certain rakaa’at of salaat required.

Therefore if a woman would like to perform these amaals and inbetween if she gets her regular monthly menses does the amaal become :
a) void
b) can continue after the menses
C) take pills which would stop the menses upto the duration of the amaal but what if the pills are not recommended for her health issues.

Please can u exolain to me in detail so i can fw the answer to my friends too.

No the A’mal don’t become void when her cycle comes. If the A’mal include Salat (prayer), then she stop when her cycle starts, and then when it ends she continues until it becomes 40. If the A’mal don’t require Salat/wudhu, then she can continue them during her cycle or wait until it ends.

It is not recommended to take pills which stop the menses.