I have a question regarding a potential marriage relationship I want to pursue. I met this amazing Muslim woman at my workplace where we got to learn about each other during our lunch breaks. She is everything I look in for a potential wife (amazing character and is strongly connected to her deen). After talking for a few months I decided to ask her parents and my parents to meet with each other and talk about getting married, she wants this too so it can be done in a halal way. However, I found out about her past life where she has been intimate with another person. She has repented many times and has completely changed her ways…I tell myself I have accepted her past and I just want to move on in life with her…I am upset with myself about why I can not just let this go because it is the only thing stopping me from asking her Dad for marriage. She is everything I want and more yet this one small mistake is making me overthink….

Is there any duas I can recite or steps I can take to stop thinking about her past?

1- If it seems that she really did repent, she is genuinely regretful, and she seems to be an amazing person, then remember that Allah is merciful and He forgives. We all make mistakes. What’s important is that we learn from our mistakes and truly repent.

2- Reflect on Sura Furqaan verses 68-70. See how Allah describes their repentance, and how their past bad sins get converted into good deeds.

3- I recommend reading this Du’a daily: