I have a question regarding clothing.

I have recently come across a few hadiths regarding the recommendation of wearing black socks.

A number of our companions, from Ahmad Bin Abu Abdullah, from one of his companions, raising it, said, ‘Rasool-Allah used to dislike (wearing) the black except regarding three (apparels) – the socks, and the turban, and the cloak’.

عدة من أَْصَحاِبَنا عن أَْحَمَد بن أَِبي َعْبِد الله عن َبْعِض أَْصَحاِبِه َرَفَعُه َقاَل َكاَن َرُسوُل الله ( صلى الله عليه وأله ) َيْكَرهُ السََّواَد إلا في ثلاث اْلُخفِّ و اْلِعَماَمِة و اْلِكَساِء .

Al Kafi, volume 6, Hadith 53

I would like to know:

Is it actually recommended to wear black socks?
What else is recommended to wear?
I also notice most scholars fully cover their arms, is this mustahab?

So this is not an accurate translation. In this Hadith, the exception the Prophet (s) makes is three:
1- Amama which is the turban
2- Kesaa’ which is basically the cloak
3- Khoff which is not socks, but it’s a type of shoes made from leather. Some scholars have said it can include the socks as well. So that would mean it’s ok for the shoes/socks to be black (it wouldn’t be Makrouh). But it doesn’t mean that it’s Mustahab to wear black socks. It’s just not Makrouh.

And it is Mustahab for the arms to be covered.