I have a question regarding Khums.

1. If I am in a state of fear (regarding the economy and housing prices and assuming this is a legitimate fear) and I have decided to sell my house, would I have to pay khums on the money I received from selling the house after a year with the ONLY reason for selling is the fear ifself.

2. If I have to pay khums on the money, does it have to be in my possession for one year? My khums end year is June 30. Would I have to pay khums for that money on June 30 or exactly a year later from the time I received the money.

3. Is there any way I don't have to pay khums since I'm in a state of fear and have the intention to purchase a house with that money after some time when I am no longer in fear.

1. Fear is not a factor in khums. If you sell the house a day before your khums date, it’s wajib go pay khums on the date.

2. On the day where khums is due.

3. You would need to seek permission from your marjie’s office and explain the situation as much as possible.