I have a question regarding khums.
My mother and my four siblings reside in (removed). It is really hard for her to manage since no one is earning in the house. Although they are managing to pay rent and eat food alhumdulilah, from the money that my uncle (removed) sends. But it becomes really difficult for my mother to manage for the school/tuition fees of my siblings. My husband has taken out khums money for previous years for which he did niyat but didn’t actually pay since he didn’t have money. But now he has, so he wants to pay.
My question is,
Can My husband pay the sehme sadaat part of khums to my mother so that she can pay the fees of her children?
My mother and father are both Syed’s.

Yes, he is allowed to give it to your mom so long as she is Syedani and in need of the money