I have a question regarding khums. I’m basically a university student, my father passed away few years ago.

Before my father passed away he had a bit of money saved so he bought a flat in Africa to protect the money. I am now trying to save up to buy a house in the UK and the ruling states that if you are saving for a property you do not have to pay khums however I don’t see the property as somewhere to live but as a security. Do I have to pay khums on my savings for a house? As the money I am putting a side is to get me on the property ladder.

Secondly, the ruling also says you do not have to pay khums on savings for your children’s marriage. As my father has passed away, the money I am saving is for my wedding too – therefore do I need to pay khums on this too?

1- Yes you must pay khums on these savings.

2- If the marriage is in the immediate future (such as 1-2 years), and if you pay Khums it would affect your ability to get married, then yes you wouldn’t have to pay Khums on these savings. But if the marriage is farther out in the future, the most scholars state you must pay khums on it.