I have a question regarding something unusual that has been happening to me. One week ago, I flew overseas to Iraq and did Ziyara in Najaf, Karbala, and Sayedna Shareefa. I noticed that ever since I came back to Michigan, I keep having bad dreams every day that disturb me. Even if I take a small afternoon nap I wake up from a bad dream. Should I be concerned or should I just wait it out? Normally I would never ask this type of question. I could care less for dream interpretations. I wish people cared about the interpretation of Quranic ayat the way the care of the interpretation of their dreams. But I just can’t help but feel it’s a strange coincidence that ever since I came back from Ziyara all I have is bad dreams.

May Allah accept your ziyarah
Please ignore the dreams and don’t worry about this
It’s maybe Shaitan trying to impact you and place doubt in you
Ziyarah only brings goodness and thawab inshallah

Seek refuge in Allah before sleep through istiadha, be in wudhu, do tasbeeh of fatima before sleep, recite Quran and dikr and Insha’Allah these dreams will stop