I have a question regarding taharat after stool.
I have seen (almost all the times) that the water splashes in the front part of the commode seat and on the front side of floor while taking taharat.
1. My question is regarding this water, is that Najis and do I have to wash the toilet seat and washroom floor every time after stool?.

2. To the best of my knowledge, the lower part of the body and hand used to clean the lower part become tahir while taking tahart using water. There is no need to wash hand and pour water on the lower part of the body separately to make it tahir.

1) If the water droplets around happen while using the hose or a continuous source, they are pure, as long as you do not see the color changing or actual najasah

2) If the hand and the lower part are free of particles and washed in the process, they are pure