I have a question regarding Tattoos. From my understanding most Marja’s say tattoos are not haram if they are under the skin as wudu is not affected. Also making sure it is not something obscene or seducing etc. All of that I understand.

My question is regarding changing your body (permanent change as well for most people as most don’t get laser removal afterwards). Allah created our body and we are changing that. When we die we have changed our body compared to how Allah created us.

I want to understand why there is a difference of opinion between sunnis and shias, as most sunnis say it is haram.

The answer to the question and the reason for the ruling is proof from the texts (Holy Quran and authentic Hadith), which the jurist examines and provides to us lay people. Although change to the body is allowed, damage and injury and purposeful loss of function are not. Taking hair off the body is none of those, not to mention it grows back. The same goes for other things done to the body.