I have a question regarding the following ruling:

“The fluid which a woman feels during foreplay or lustful thinking but it is not much to spread to other parts, is clean. Ghusl does not become obligatory in this case and it does not make wudhu void either but if there is much fluid and is called ejaculation and the fluid spreads to the underwear and this normally takes place during orgasm and full satisfaction, the fluid is najis (impure) and in this case ghusl becomes obligatory. In fact, if emission takes place without orgasm, the necessary precaution is that it is najis and it causes janabah.
Hence, if a woman enters the state of janabah intentionally with the details mentioned above, both Qadha and kaffara become obligatory on her. The obligatory precaution is that she should restrain from eating and drinking for the rest of the day”

I find it very difficult to perform ghusl everytime fluid discharged (due to lustful thoughts) reaches the underwear, as even if it is a very small amount it eventually reaches the underwear. This means I have to perform ghusl around 3 times everyday.

From some other sources I have read that ghusl is only required when an orgasm occurs, however this is different to what is stated on Sistani.org (shown above).

Please could you provide some clarification to the circumstances in which female ghusl is required, as this is very confusing and difficult to manage.

If you find that there is common discharge due to excitement but without signs of orgasm then you can follow another marjie on this issue and you would not need to do ghusl, except if it’s actual ejaculation with signs of orgasm.