I have a question regarding the Hadeeth of Haqeqa. Do you have any books I can read to disect this hadeeth. is there such book?

This hadeeth fascinates me I really want to know what Imam Ali means when he says what he says

There are many books written about this hadeeth. However, these books are either in Arabic or Persian languages and are not available on net.

إكمال الحجّة في شرح حديث الحقيقة للسيد عبد الرحيم بن ابراهيم اليزدي. .
شرح حديث الحقيقة لابن همام الشيرازي .
شرح خبر كميل المنسوب لجمال الدين العلامة الحلي
شرح حديث الحقيقة لشاه نعمة الله ولي