I have a question regarding the impermissibility of music. I’m someone that is very fond of music and I’ve discovered that music is deemed as haram. I’ve been trying to research about this and it turns out most music that many people enjoy these days (ghina – music suitable for gatherings) is haram. I’m aware that music can arouse someone, encourage haram behavior, and also it can control your mind and mood. But my main concern is, how come music could be haram if it is used to for beneficial purposes. Most of the youth including myself listen to music to relax which can bring us joy, as well as when we’re exercising, working, etc. Could you please explain the context in which the impermissibility of music applies to our modern-day situations?

1- First of all, life is a trial, and music being haram is a trial for us.

2- Not all music is haram. That type which is usually played in entertainment gatherings (like concerts) is haram

3- Music does have some benefits, but it also has some harms. In the short term, it might improve your mood or make you relax. But in the long term, it weakens your spirituality, it strengthens animalistic desires, it increases rage/anger. Some studies have shown that music affects the same areas of the brain that drugs affect. When someone takes a drug, they feel relaxed and good, but over time it does damage. I’m not saying music is as harmful as a drug, but it has some similar harms.

4- There are other ways to get relaxed and feel good.

5- Many youth are addicted to music and it negatively impacts them. Some people are strong and don’t get addicted. But many do. And most songs contain inappropriate words/references. 70% of all songs contain references to sex, violence and drugs. When a person opens the door to the world of music, eventually he gets dragged into these negative areas.