I have a question regarding the limits of obedience to parents. my friend's father has been emotionally torturing her and physically and emotionally torturing her mother for 32 years and i have been witness to the emotional trauma their whole family went through due to the father. now she has had enough and she stood upto her father. her father has stopped talking to her for the mere reason that she wanted to study further and this time she has made little efforts to apologize. someone told her that all her prayers will not be accepted by Allah SWT as her father is angry with her. she is otherwise a good and religious person but since she heard that her prayers are not being accepted, she does not pray that much as she believes her prayers won't be accepted. but after a lifetime of mental torture she is not ready to speak to her father again. my question is what are the limits to fathers' obedience? we must never be rude to them but they have a right to ruin their children's lives? is it true that even if a father who is unjust and forcing children to do his bidding just out of spite, if he is angry the prayers of children are not accepted?

There is no obedience for a creature in the disobedience of the creator.
Other than that the obligation is to be kind is to be kind to the parents regardless of the reasons.