I have a question regarding washing the arms if you don’t mind answering.

The hair on my arms are a little bit long especially around my elbow region and they stick up from the surface of my arm. when I wash my arms in wudhu, I am thorough in washing my arms but the hairs stick up from the surface on some parts of my arm even after i pass my wet hand over them multiple times. From what I can determine the water is reaching the all of the hair on my arms but the hair just naturally sticks up even after washing them so it makes me doubt that the hair has been washed properly. I can also determine that water is reaching the skin of the arm below the hair. so my question is, do I need to worry that the hairs stick up even after I wash them and can I just assume that the hairs are getting sufficiently washed by me thoroughly passing my wet hand over the area as this is making me continuously fall into constant doubt if I am washing my arm correct/repeating wudhu eventhough I am more confident that my arm is being washed thoroughly.

As long as you are confident that you have washed all parts of your arms then it doesn’t matter if your hair sticks up.