I have a question so I was in the state medium istihaza and I did not do the ghusl of Istihaza. A few days later when I become in the state of slight istihaza and I wanted to make up the ghusl for medium istihaza, my question is can I make up the ghusl of medium istihaza anytime or I need to make the ghusl medium istihaza just before one of daily prayers?

The ghusl of medium istihadha should be performed once during the day based on obligatory precaution. There is no makeup for the ghusl, but you can perform it (and wudhu) before the prayer.

If you did not perform ghusl for medium istihadha and that was your state then your prayers were void and they must be repeated. You must act according to the level of your istihadha otherwise the salat is void.