I have a question that I hope can be answered in order to strengthen my Iman. With how much confidence can we say that the Quran we read today is the Authentic Quran that was present in the time of the Prophet? I have heard that in the time of the Prophet dthumas, kasras, and fathas weren’t even in the Quran when it was revealed. I’m also aware that mainstream sunni Islam was spread through war, just as Christianity. Wouldn’t have rulers changed the holy texts to favor them and their actions like they did with sahih Bukhari. I’ve also heard that Imam Ali attempted to compile the Quran in correct order but was denied and to this date shias and sunnis compile the Quran in the same way. This information hinders my faith on the authenticity of the Quran.

We are sure that the Quran we have today is the same one that was revealed upon the prophet because the Quran was memorized during the time of prophet. Many Muslims had memorized the Quran including Imam Ali. It was passed on where thousands of Muslims memorized it, including the Imams of the Ahlulbayt.

The chances of the Quran being changed are very weak because the Quran was and is recited everyday by Muslims. Furthermore the Quran was written during and after the prophet. Yes the dialectical markings were added later but it was orally transmitted and memorized, the markings were added to help non- Arabs recite the Quran.

If there would have been a change to the Quran people would have noticed.