I have a question what would we respond to the question of "Can Allah create a rock he cannot lift?" This question has puzzled me as if the answer is no then that would be limiting Allah and would mean he cannot do everything and if the answer is yes then that would also be limiting Allah as then that would mean that Allah won’t be able to lift something. Also is it possible that Allah can limit his own abilities.

Shouldn’t Allah be able to do anything regardless of any factors like even if the flaw is not in him rather in the object? shouldn’t Allah have the ability to bend the rules of what’s possible and what’s not? After all Allah created everything out of nothing which in no way is possible and he also is beyond time and never had a beginning which to the human comprehension is impossible to never be created. Could the answer rather be yes although it is beyond our comprehension just like how the realm beyond time is impossible

Please see at minute 9 and onwards:


Allah’s power is infinite. But anything created is limited. Can Allah create another God? Can Allah just annihilate himself? It’s impossible, not because His power is limited, but because these scenarios don’t have the capacity to exist. It’s not about bending the rules. God cannot be annihilated. It’s impossible. This doesn’t mean that His power is limited though. His power is unlimited, but that which he wants to do must be possible in and of itself.