I have a stoma, or ileostomy bag fitted on my abdomen due to crohns disease. I’ve had this for approximately 10+ years with no end in sight. and according to my Dr’s there is most likely no chance of reversal.

I wanted to ask, obviously since the way it works is that the feacal matter is discharged through the intestine and into the stoma bag, does this mean that I am always in a state of impurity?

Does my wudhu remain valid and is my salah accepted? as I have no control over the output except if I was to not eat or drink perhaps for more than 24 hours…There are times when I would experience feacal discharge whilst performing ghusl, does this nullify my ghusl and would I have to restart?…

From the sound of it you do not have control on this condition. Thus, you should continue to do your ghusl and wash away anything that was discharged, and then perform wudhu thereafter. You do not need to repeat the ghusl.