I have always been speculating on the human existence and the purpose. I will try to emphasize some of my philosophy as well as follow up questions:

Isn’t it true that everything has a meaning? What is the menaing of human existence besides worshipping the almighty as well as obeying Him? `it is always said that a person should act nicely and try to imitate our Prophets’ and Ahlul beiyts’ good manners and actions to reach perfection in this world and therefore be able to reach the main goal- the endless life in JannatulFirdaws. My speculations were based on this. It feels like an endless routin when thinking about the whole mankind when it comes to this life and afterwards. People are born, they worship, and die. What is the menaing of such routine? Who will gain profit of it?
A point is that God wants us to come near him so WE people can feel good in the afterlife. I don’t think Allah needs mankind but it is mankind that needs Allah. We need to be good as I mentioned before, to be able to live good after this life. Then why is it necessary for God to have that amount of people in this world? I don’t think JannatulFirdaws has a limited amount of people. It doesn’t matter for God how many that enters paradise because in the end it is our actions that will make us deserve such place. Also, because God focuses on good manners and aqhlaq between people, it feels like people are only affecting each other in this world. To sum this, what will God gain from making us? Is it only to show us that the almighty has the power over us? I get so confused why we even exist.