I have always been troubled by my existence with homosexual desires. This a challenge I cannot bear some days and is truly one of the difficult tests bestowed upon anyone. Only the pain and suffering of Ahlulbayt makes me realise that I am just a mere human with problems that are not too difficult in comparison to theirs.

I have hated my existence in this world and therefore I have come up with a theory to satisfy myself of my existence in this Dunya and the reason why I have homosexual desires. I believe homosexual desires exist because they prove the existence of Allah. Our desires are unexplained by the theory of evolution. According to the theory of evolution, homosexual desires would have diminished over mankind’s existence due to survival of the fittest. Our homosexual desires show that Allah is the creator and can test anyone with the way He wishes. Therefore, it gives me great satisfaction in knowing that I have a reason to exist to prove creationism. It satisfies me in knowing that I don’t have a cursed and undesirable existence. Am I wrong to think this way? Otherwise why would Allah create these feelings if they are so undesirable.

It’s a test like any other tendency or addiction or excessive desire, eg men who wish to fornicate

We are human who must have self control and not fall into temptations whenever we have desires and act upon them. That would be wrong.