I have an inner crisis that I’m currently battling. I am ready for marriage. I know my rights and responsiblities in a marital contract as well as the other duties that come along with it. However, there are 2 main problems:

1) In a year and a half’s time, I will be starting my first year of Med School, granted if I pass my MCAT exam of course, which takes place in late 2024. All my efforts and exertions throughout the teenage years in school have been invested for this goal. But with the recent ambitions of marriage, the same fervour to be a good surgeon is fading.

2) My parents, especially my mom is strictly averse to the idea of letting me marry before I am well settled. She wants me to get a bachelors degree first, settle down and then marry, something that I am a vociferous opponent of but remain silent about it infront of her out of ‘adb.

How do I balance my ambitions for Med School with marriage? Do I wait to get into Med School and then marry or marry at my earliest, with good planning of course. And number two, how do I convince my parents to allow me to get married early and how do I confront my mom about this? Because I’ve never once confronted her and told her "Mom I want to get married"out of fear.

As for balancing things between marriage and career, I would strongly advise you to not stress about it as marriage is a part of life and will help you focus better and not get distracted with all the hormonal changes and needs as well as the Temptations out there. Marriage protects you from the sinful lifestyle, which ultimately leads to success in this world, and then the hereafter. As for your parents, I would suggest that you seek help from wise members of your community or family. Perhaps your local scholar. Also, sharing traditions from the holy prophet and his purified, family peace be upon them about the significance and benefits of early marriages.