I have another question about the history of the Holy Prophet (saw). I heard a lecture recently that after the death of his grandfather, the Holy Prophet (saw) was taken in by his uncle Zubair ibn Abdul Muttalib, before being taken in by Abu Talib (as). This is the first time I’ve heard such a thing. Is this true/disputed/incorrect? Are there references? If it is true, how long was this period and why did his guardianship change from Zubair to Abu Talib (a)? And why don’t we hear of it? (The lecture was from an old recording of an Ahl Sunnah scholar).

No we do not have any authentic sources that state that. The authentic sources indicate that Abdul Muttaleb made a will to Abu Taleb to care for the Prophet (s) after his death, since Abu Taleb and Abdullah the Prophet’s father came from the same mother.