I have been contemplating whether or not I should pursue hawza studies and have some questions:

1. Is there a certain level of closeness to Allah that only a scholar can achieve? That would be my intention of becoming an alim or sheikh.

2. What are the right intentions for a person to pursue hawza studies? I mean what would be the right and wrong reasons a person should pursue hawza?

3. What was your own reason or the reason many scholars pursue hawza?

4. What other considerations should one have when deciding to pursue hawza studies or not?

Religious knowledge brings one closer to Allah when it is contemplated and applied. One does not need to take on the role of a sheikh to acquire knowledge.

One should pursue knowledge with the intention being pure. He should want to seek nearness to Allah, save himself and his family from hell fire and help others as much as he can. These are some reasons.

I always had a passion for studying and learning new things about Islam. I wanted to learn how to do things the proper way and the most pleasing way to Allah. I wanted to serve the cause of Ahl ul Bayt (as) to the best of my ability and to help others especially people like myself who are facing the hardships of converting to a new religion. These are just some of the reasons.