I have been doing research on the shia sect for quite a bit now, and I converted to shiism a week ago. I come from a sunni family, and we live in Egypt, a country that mostly hates shia. I’m almost 17, which means I still live with my family. I tried talking to mom about how we have lots of misconceptions against the shias, but she couldn’t believe it and said that there’s no way her father and grandfather and so on never noticed a problem in the sunni sect. So I did not tell her I actually converted, and could never tell my father because God knows what he’d do if he finds out.

Because of the environment I’m in, I can’t help but have doubts about my choice. I feel at peace with my decision, the shia sect really resonates with the idea I’ve always had about Allah SWT and the Prophet peace be upon him and his pure family. How do I get over these doubts and know that I am indeed on the right path? …

The best way to overcome doubts is through knowledge. Seek certainty and confidence by doing more research about the core issues (don’t get lost in details). Go back to the basics and that’s how you increase your certainty. For example, these are some core questions:

1- Would the Prophet (s) leave this Ummah without appointing someone to represent him?

2- In Hadith al-Thiqlayn which is accepted by all Muslims who does the Prophet (s) refer us to for guidance?

3- Does the Qur’an tell us all companions were good and that we must follow them all?

4- Those rulers who came after the Prophet (s) did they really follow his teachings and implemented Islam properly?

Develop certainty about such key questions.

Also, I recommend seeing the following videos:


And this playlist (I know it’s long but it will help you reach that يقين Insha’Allah):


And if you have not read Tijani’s book ثم اهتديت Then I was Guided I recommend you read it.

Also, I don’t recommend you inform your family that you have become Shia. At least not now. They might give you a hard time and put severe pressure on you. Be patient and Allah will help you. Life is a trial, and the truth doesn’t come easy, but you are blessed for being guided by Allah. Realize the value of this blessing.