I have been doing this effort since past 9 years. The problem is i don't get much energy now to fufill all these responsibilities as i have a job too and i also have to look after my son and home. i get tired most of the time. My husband always asks me to prepare food for my father on time ,do as whatever my father asks to do. Sometimes it is difficult for me to do everything on time but I always try to do that. As we live in European country, i don't find any help from outside. when my son is sick , i wake up whole night and in the morning i do all the things by myself without any help from my husband.

Your efforts will surely be rewarded by the Almighty Allah in this world and the hereafter. Remember Allah only tests a person according to his or her capacity. You do have the strength to bear all this if you have strong faith. All I can say is that this is a test of Allah and He only wants to polish your soul ready for His most beautiful blessings like the love of Allah and His chosen ones.
Try to prepare your work before hand like a night before. Maybe you can continue the quick half the following day and be ready to serve. Ask Allah to help you constantly by reminding yourself through Zikr of Allah. If you're able to have a helper, you can employ one at a part time so that your work load is decreased. If all this is not possible for you, then inculcate in yourself that Allah is always helping you either directly or indirectly so if you're alone, its Allah helping you directly which should give alot of energy to the soul and should propel you towards your activities.
Im certain that if you are desperate, Allah will send help for you in a way you never imagined so have trust in that and try your best to do all the things you can in the right way, then leave the result on Allah.