I have been experiencing phenomenal activity in my house.

Please help us! Do you think someone is doing magic? Please, tell us what we should read. We at our home play Ziyarat Ashora,-Nodba, Mashlol, Waritha, Hadise-kisa, And dua Kumayl on speaker each Thursday. And in our house we don’t listen to music and have halal income

One thing please tell me is it possible that Allah (swt) Who is Just and we witness His Justice, is it possible he create problem for Momenin by such a creation of Him whom we have no access or can’t see them. This is unfair that’s why believe there is nothing at all. These issue are related to a kind psychology or misunderstanding. Remove these things from your mind and trust in Allah ( swt) and just remember Allah never causes any problem for His believer.Yes there are kinds of problem in our life but they are test from Allah (swt) or due to our own mistakes and Gunah but this type of problem has no base.