I have been facing difficulty in my life for last 10 year. When I got pregnant I did all the amal from the book ‘misali maan’, didnt leave fasting in the month of Ramadhan, teaching quran during preganncy, read quran as much as possible but when my child was born he was ok however after 2-3 years, he has shown some satanic habits like biting, hiting etc. After year 5 he was diagnosed with ADHD and autism. From then on my life is going worst.

1- Life is a trial and this is part of your trial. You have to be strong. A believer gets tested with everything including his children, and so you must stay strong.

2- Your son is not doing shetani things. Some children just have a lot of energy. That’s ok. Later in life they stabilize and become successful, so don’t stress out too much.

3- Sometimes Allah may allow a child to develop autism in order to protect the child from a big danger later in life, so we must consider this as well.

4- We don’t own our children. Allah own them. They are just an amana in our hands. Hence, submit your case to Allah and trust his wisdom.

5- Read this Du’a at least once a week:


May Allah make it easy on you