I have been having trouble with my sense of gender identity which is causing gender dysphoria in me. Gender dysphoria can be described as psychological distress with the gender someone is born with. Both my therapist and psychiatrist have acknowledged this issue. Although I do not intend on doing medical procedures for this issue, I have referred myself as a female despite being born male to lessen this psychological distress.

I want to be within the guidelines of the shariah and do not want to transgress any boundaries I have with Allah.

What would be the most Islamically acceptable way to approach this issue?

Could I present as a feminine male but ask people to refer me as female? If I tell people that I am male, I feel psychologically distressed. At the same time, I want to be within the boundaries of the shariah.

Please give me insight

The first procedure is for you to be psychologically tested and examined by the medical experts. This will then determine the next step with the Shariah boundary.